A Dog’s Tale

22 June 2020

Written by Lixuan’s (Year 7) Dog!

Hello, this is Katie, the family dog. During this time, things have changed.


What was once a week that consisted of nothingness, boredom, doors shutting in front of me, and a hurried goodbye thrown over their shoulders by my humans, now it seems much better. All three of my humans stay at home. The three of them seem to spend all their day sitting in front of a glowing wooden block, tapping furiously fast on a silver pad with their long fingers. Sometimes, they even talk to the silver block and laugh and wave. Weird.

The little one gets frustrated the most, sometimes the older ones too; then I come up to them and they give me a good hug, and some of that grumpy feeling goes away. For most of my day, I just sleep and sit around and wander to each of them. The older two don’t seem to notice me, but sometimes, the little one will turn from her glowing block and give me a good rub on the head.

What’s more, when once my humans were so busy that we only went on walks twice a week, now we go on walks almost every day! Big improvement. And when we don’t go outside on days, we play football in the garden. My humans deflated it so that I could get a hold of it and carry it all the way. At night, we rest on the sofa and they sometimes watch (another) glowing block and eat ice cream; I always get the last drizzle.

Yum. I’m really enjoying my time with my humans!

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