Girls in Years 5 and 6 put immense value on connectivity; they relish collaboration and knowledge-sharing. They work with newfound determination to conquer fresh challenges, realise their visions and reach their full potential. That is why our curriculum in Years 5 and 6 is focused on developing sophisticated, resilient learners who are creative, motivated and able to interpret complex issues. 

Year 5

Academic challenge is provided by embarking on a series of interdisciplinary projects covering topics such as the Victorians, space, electricity, human biology and the environment. These topics draw together multiple curriculum areas, stimulating the connectivity and knowledge-sharing we regard as the benchmark of higher-order learning. Girls also study a variety of high-quality texts in English in order to enrich their linguistic creativity and writing technique, whilst at the same time continuing to pursue mathematical mastery.


Year 6

In the girls’ final year at the Prep, they begin with a whistle stop tour of the 20th Century, focusing on some of the key women who helped shape it. They then go on to look in detail at some of the fascinating wonders of our world, focusing on the ancient, natural and modern iconic marvels around us. In English, inspiration comes through the study of a rich variety of texts by authors as diverse as Carol Ann Duffy and William Shakespeare.  

It is in Year 6 that the Languages Programme is enhanced by the introduction of Latin and Classical Civilisation. Lessons are taught by subject specialists from the Senior School. This course provides the older girls with a taste of the academic rigour of Latin, as well as the fascinating historical and cultural insights afforded by those civilisations.



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