Throughout a girl’s time in both the Prep and Pre-Prep at OHS, she can expect to take part in a huge array of creative activities, covering everything from 3D modelling to dramatic performance.


Music is highly valued in the Prep and Pre-Prep. We want every girl to enjoy, participate in and appreciate music. Classroom music is a fun and practical experience and live music delivered by visiting performers or through outside trips introduces the girls to a diverse palette of influences.

Music is taught by specialist staff from Reception upwards. Singing is integrated into the curriculum and, in Years 5 and 6, the Chamber Choir performs in local and GDST competitions. Individual instrumental lessons are taught from Year 3 with small group recorder from Year 2.

Every girl is encouraged to participate in one of our many ensembles as soon as she is able, choosing from a programme that includes two orchestras, wind ensemble, junior strings, clarinet group, advanced strings and guitar group with many opportunities for performance throughout the year as singers or instrumentalists. All girls take part in autumn, Christmas and summer concerts as well as performing in their own year group show. Girls also have the opportunity to sit ABRSM exams in school often achieving at least Grade 4 or 5 before they leave.


Girls at Oxford High Prep are given the choice of a wide variety of media and equipment in their study of Art. Girls across all year groups explore mark-making, 3D work and painting. Children are encouraged to learn new techniques across the subject.

All art projects are underpinned by contextual studies, both traditional and contemporary. The emphasis is on experimenting with media and images and free expression. The girls may all start at the same point when the project is delivered, but are encouraged to take their projects down an individual route.


Taught by highly experienced teachers from the Prep and EYFS team, drama and performances on stage are a key part of life at OHS Prep School. The girls develop great confidence and thoroughly enjoy performing in plays, musicals and assemblies – to peers and parents alike.

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