Everything a girl does at OHS Prep starts with the class unit. When a girl joins Oxford High, she is assigned to a class with whom she will spend the majority of her time, not only learning and working on projects, but also playing sports, learning musical instruments, embarking on ambitious dramatic and artistic ventures and relaxing during breaks and lunchtime. Many of the friendships she forms here will last her a lifetime.

Every girl also benefits from the invaluable care and recognition of her teacher and designated LSA (Learning Support Assistant), who will be there to encourage her, monitor her progress and support her when she needs it. Also, every girl at OHS Prep gains a strong sense of identity and community from the whole-school activities that are integral to school life, such as musical and dramatic productions, and simple routine activities into which a sense of community is embedded.


Another key feature of a girl’s life is her membership of the house which she joins on entering the school. In her house, your daughter will participate in many team activities, be they sporting, musical or academic, all of which will gain her points towards the coveted House Cup. But her house will also provide her with another invaluable support network within the school; she will get to know her house mistress and the house captain as well as benefitting from the experience, inspiration and kindness of the other girls within her house.

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