Welcome to our website and our history. Oxford High School (OHS) to its devotees is a place of scholarship and learning tempered by spirit, fun and community. Justifiably proud of its extraordinary academic outcomes, OHS is a place where young women are prepared for a world where they give back to others who have not had the same opportunities. A place where young women are prepared for the demands of the future, led by committed and dedicated staff absolutely devoted to their students’ wellbeing and achievement.

The women who find their way here are curious, sparky and delight in challenge of any kind, whether it is joining the water polo club, singing opera for the first time or managing our very own hives of bees. Leadership opportunities abound and we are so proud that our students lead the school, put on world rivalling conferences, write to world leaders and enable opportunities for all those around us.

We are also lucky enough to be in the heart of a city which thrives on curiosity and learning. That is reflected at OHS, where Academics come into school to demonstrate the accessibility of an academic career as well as share the excitement of challenging world constraints, whether forging ahead with a new vaccine (Dr Sarah Gilbert), working to ensure that everyone belongs in a diverse world (Aduke Onafowokan) or even managing a country in the middle of a pandemic (Jacinda Ardern). These are not leaders who speak to the school as requested by staff, but rather our students who are given the confidence and aspiration to put their dreams into action.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of believing that OHS is purely academic; we, and the Girls’ Day School Trust, understand how high achieving women learn, thrive and flourish. The Trust enables our young people to access a network of over 25 other schools, conferences run by women for women across the country, and an astonishing alumnae network of over 70,000 former pupils who are extending a hand to help your daughter find her own place in the outside world. Our pastoral care nurtures our young women to ensure that they succeed at their pace. Despite being a bigger school, our staff are absolutely dedicated to the young women in their care, get to know them and their ways of learning and do all they can to support them. That does not mean we lower our expectations but rather extend the safety net to ensure they are lifted towards their dreams.

Any website can only give you a flavour of what happens beyond the doors but I urge you to come in, meet me and our dedicated staff whether virtually or in ‘real life’, and, above all, enjoy the sparky, original, curious, lively young women who flourish and thrive here.

I look forward to sharing with you the magic of opportunity, fun and spirit that pervades our school.


Considering OHS?

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