Our Sixth Form is a friendly, stimulating and exciting environment where you will flourish academically and develop your individual talents and potential.  Our students have a track record of academic success at GCSE which they develop and enhance at A level. 

As leaders in education, we are thrilled to offer a world-class educational experience for girls. We want you to be ambitious in all areas of life, to develop academic rigour, intellectual curiosity and agile thought. Crucial to this is the pursuit of academic excellence, including but going well beyond outstanding examination results, as each of you is empowered with a deep love of learning and agile critical-thinking skills.


We build a personalised timetable around the choice of subjects you make.

Our vision for A Level is of a curriculum that inspires as well as challenges, and it is the hallmark of an Oxford High School education that girls approach learning with assurance and skill. When you leave school, you will invariably earn places at your first-choice university and manifest the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a positive difference in the wider world.

In the Lower Sixth, our students typically take four A levels, with those taking Further Mathematics potentially taking five. We offer an exciting range of 26 subjects at A Level, all taught by specialist staff and we build a personalised timetable around the choice of subjects you make.

Rachael Pallas-Brown – Assistant Head and Director of Sixth Form

ISI 2023 Report

“The school was rated excellent in all areas”

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