Our curriculum in Years 3 and 4 is designed to stretch and challenge every girl by developing a rich and balanced knowledge-base and offering opportunities to apply this in practical ways.

Girls at this stage encounter a range of teaching styles, all of which aim to develop their higher-level cognitive abilities. Tailored feedback and target-setting help our girls to recognise what they need to do to improve and deepen their knowledge and understanding. creative teaching and learning increases girls’ motivation, enthusiasm and engagement.


Year 3

Year 3 is an important milestone for a child to reach as it is the start of their transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. They are required to become more independent and forward thinking, as well as continuing to develop and consolidate their knowledge and understanding.

During this year, your daughter will study wide variety of topics in Science, History, Global Studies and RE alongside continuing their mathematical journey and further developing their writing skills in the weekly ‘Big Write’.

Year 4

Once your daughter reaches Year 4, she will be nurtured and encouraged to further develop the skills required for independent thinking, learning and decision-making. Overall, perhaps the single most important aspect of this year is your daughter’s increasing independence and confidence in what they can achieve at school. Your child will be encouraged to start to think about their own learning journey. They will be required to make sensible decisions on how to present work, how and when to complete homework and how to learn best.

Topics in this year group are, once again, varied and planned to open your child’s mind to the bigger picture. History plays an important role during this year as there are many cross-curricular links between subjects. Again, key skills are significant in all subjects alongside making appropriate decisions and choices.

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