For many, Sixth Form study is one of the happiest times you ever experience as a student. The combination of greater independence, new opportunities and a closer convergence between what you’re passionate about and what you study means that thinking has never been so much fun. At Oxford High School, we add one more crucial ingredient into the mix: the chance to study in a relaxed environment alongside like-minded girls. 

Research undertaken by the GDST tells us that girls differ from boys not in intelligence or reasoning ability, but through their attributes and dispositions during childhood and adolescence. As such, the learning needs and preferences of girls really are different to those of boys, and by catering specifically for those specific needs and preferences, we can empower girls to succeed. Find out more about the research conducted by the GDST here:


We are proud of our all-girls Sixth Form because it enables us to offer girls the following advantages:

Flexible learning

We provide the optimum learning experience for girls, with discussion and collaboration privileged within the curriculum.

No gender stereotypes

Prejudice in any form would never be tolerated by an OHS girl, which is why girls here are just as likely to flourish designing robots as they are playing football, debating a motion or playing the timpani.

Positive spaces

Our culture is informal and modern, meaning girls don’t just benefit from safe spaces, but also creative, collaborative and contemplative spaces.

Better academic results

Research shows that girls consistently achieve higher academic results at all levels in a single-sex environment.

Leadership opportunities

Functioning in a single-sex environment gives girls the opportunity and encouragement to take on leadership responsibilities, including those traditionally held by men, thereby equipping them with the tools and confidence to succeed in a competitive world.

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