The Girls’ Day School Trust aims to seek out the brightest, most deserving girls for scholarships so that the largest possible number of talented girls can benefit from the opportunities that a scholarship brings.

At Oxford High School, we are proud to offer a range of scholarships to celebrate our girls’ many achievements and talents.

We award Academic and Head’s Scholarships based on performance in the entrance assessments and interview that your daughter will participate in as part of her admissions process. If you would like to be considered for an Academic Scholarship for Sixth Form entry, you will also be invited to take our Sixth Form Academic Scholarship exam. In addition, your daughter will have the opportunity to apply for an Art, Drama, Music or Sport Scholarship. We also offer Exhibitions in these categories. The values of scholarships vary, but are generally small and more about the honour of the award than the amount given. A scholarship may, however, be supplemented by a bursary.

These Scholarships are held for the duration of the time that your daughter is at Oxford High School, subject to satisfactory progress and behaviour. We expect our scholars to make a full contribution to the life of the school, encouraging them to lead and be active in their chosen field.

To ensure fairness in the application process, we will only disclose the scholarship application details when your daughter has been offered a place.


Considering OHS?

Please review the key admission dates and deadlines, to ensure you don’t miss out on applying for a place. If you have further questions, contact our friendly Admissions team who are happy to help.

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