One of the joys of being an OHS Sixth Former is the freedom you enjoy, not just in what you study but the way you study. Unlike other Sixth Forms, we encourage our students to enjoy a campus lifestyle in which girls dress as undergraduates rather than feeling constrained by business suits. The message here is not one of informality but equality: what matters most to your teachers is not your appearance but the quality of your thoughts and the content of your character.

And what better place to enjoy these newfound freedoms than the Ada Benson Building, our brand new centre for Sixth Form and the Arts? Opened in February 2020, this dynamic and inherently egalitarian space provides a hub for our Sixth Formers to meet and eat, to share ideas and relax, to bond like never before. Read more about life in the Ada Benson Building here.

But it’s not just about the buildings. Life in the OHS Sixth Form is about so much more.

Find Your Voice

Life in the OHS Sixth Form is about finding your voice and learning to use it without fear or apology. That’s what our Charity Prefects, Claudia, Amina and Alice did in 2019, when they contacted Malala Yousafzai’s father and persuaded him to come and visit OHS for a fundraising event in support of the Malala Fund. It’s what they did when they led the process of designing all the publicity materials for the event and when they chaired the panel with Mr Yousafzai, alumna Gemma Mortensen (1995) and CEO of the GDST, Cheryl Giovannoni, resulting in national media coverage on television and in the press.

Discover Your Potential

Life in the OHS Sixth Form is about discovering your potential, whether that’s in the classroom or beyond it. Studying in small, seminar-style classrooms will unlock new intellectual vistas, while the enrichment opportunities outside lessons will galvanise your development intellectually, culturally and professionally.

It is this combination of academic challenge and co-curricular opportunity that enables our students to win prestigious international competitions like Elizaveta, to launch a new business garnering advance sales of over 200,000 units like last year’s Young Enterprise team Elixir did, to embark on brave new worlds of academic research with the Warnock ERP as dozens of our students do each year, and to embrace new ways of developing your career, as former-Head Girl Anoushka Patel (2019) did when she accepted a paid Engineering degree with the highly exclusive Dyson Institute.


Life in the OHS Sixth Form is about exploring – whether that’s uncovering the joys of Oxford’s museums during a day out in Oxford or joining a club in anything from Astrology and Beekeeping to Young Enterprise and Robotics. Some of our most popular clubs are the most unexpected. Origami Club, for example, has taken off to such an extent that we now run a House Origami Competition. Whipworm Club, meanwhile, sees students in Years 10-13 collaborating with the Wellcome Genome Campus in mapping the 15,000 genes in the human whipworm genome, with a view to curing Trichuriasis, a Neglected Tropical Disease which contributes to malnutrition in large parts of the world. Robotics Club, founded by former Head Girl Anoushka Patel (2019), provides another hotbed of invention and competitive one-upmanship, while those who value outdoor pursuits can get involved in Sailing Club, Eco-Club, Equestrian Club or the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.


Considering OHS?

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