From Astrology and Beekeeping to Young Enterprise and Zumba, there are over ninety clubs running at OHS every year, many led by sixth Formers who have a passion and want to inspire the younger girls to try a new activity. A Clubs Fair run by the Prefect Team at the start of each academic year enables students to find out more and sign up for their chosen activities.

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Some of our most popular clubs are the most unexpected. Origami Club, for example, has taken off to such an extent that we now run a House Origami Competition. Whipworm Club, meanwhile, sees students in Years 10-13 collaborating with the Wellcome Genome Campus in mapping the 15,000 genes in the human whipworm genome, with a view to curing Trichuriasis, a Neglected Tropical Disease which contributes to malnutrition in large parts of the world. Robotics Club, founded by former Head Girl Anoushka Patel, provides another hotbed of invention and competitive one-upmanship.

Other clubs are less competitive and offer a respite from academic endeavour. These include beekeeping, dissection, eco-club, French films, Korean, gardening, cooking, jewellery, art, Chinese culture, sailing, Rasberry Pi and dance. Others still, such as chess, code-breakers, Bridge, debating and the School Magazine, wear their intellectualism proudly on their sleeve and offer girls new avenues in which to channel their energies.

Finally, as part of the GDST, our girls also benefit from being able to participate in events across the whole Trust network of schools, from sporting rallies to public-speaking competitions, GDST Young Musician of the Year, travel awards, literary prizes and even a GDST bake-off!

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