House Drama 2019 – Athena Takes the Prize!

12 July 2019

House Drama traditionally occurs in the last week of the school year, challenging all four OHS houses to create their own take on a well-loved show. Where they get the energy and ideas from at this point in the year, nobody knows, but they certainly proved themselves equal to the challenge this year with plays that were funny, creative and acerbic in equal measure, and which proved that satire most certainly isn’t dead.

First up we had Zeus with their take on Legally Blonde. Packed with acerbic lyrics, a dramatic court scene and a ‘love conquers all’ plot-line, the inspired singing and comic acting of the main actors got everyone laughing, dancing and festive-spirited.

Next was Poseidon, with their homage to Wicked. This piece employed some wonderful choreography (including an entire netball match!) that enabled the whole house to rally round the principal actors before the finale, in which the bitter rivalry between Year 10s Amia and Cicely turned to friendship – sweet!

Third-up was Athena with their take on Matilda, inspired in equal parts by Tim Minchin’s musical and Roald Dahl’s book. This was a thoroughly heart-warming experience with splendid acting throughout, and it was therefore Athena who won the coveted prize this year, with Lilian (Year 7) taking the gong for Best Actor.

Last but by no means least came Ares, with a splendid, satirical assault on Mamma Mia. Cleverly seeding their dialogue with lyrics from throughout the Abba canon, the Ares actors sang and danced their way through a version of the film which reimagined it taking place here at OHS (and other nearby locales) before Rachel (Year 10) saw the error of her ways and returned to the fold!

Huge congratulations to all the girls who took part and made this such a memorable and hilarious way to end the year – and thanks to Mr Pelling and Ms Bramall for their tireless work in Drama this year!

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