Years 7 to 10 Celebration of Achievement 2019

9 July 2019

Students from Years 7-10 came together on the afternoon of Monday 8th July to celebrate a hugely packed and eventful year. Everyone is quite tired by now, and yet spirits rose quickly thanks to the beautiful harmonies of the chamber choir and the irresistible rhythms of Mr Fairbairn’s Brazilian ‘batteria’.

Our spirits were also lifted by the sight of so many wonderful achievements being celebrated. The audience was treated to highlights including Gabriela from Year 8’s hard-hitting speech on the anti-vax movement as part of the Speak Up programme, a presentation from Waves, the Bright Green Enterprise-winning team from Year 9, a report from the finalists of the Cyberfirst Competition on their cryptographic adventures and a highly amusing account of undertaking the Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition from Leila and Sophie in Year 10.

Finally, we were delighted to welcome back OHS alumna, Fuchsia Dunlop (1987), to preside over this year’s Celebration of Achievement. A food-writer and chef, she was described by The Telegraph as ‘The best writer in the West… on Chinese food,’ and by Heston Blumenthal as a writer with the ‘rare ability to convey an encyclopaedic knowledge of Chinese cuisine in a compelling and totally delicious way.’

She captivated the audience with stories of her career, from her time as a sub-editor with the BBC to being the first Westerner to study at the prestigious Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine or delivering gastronomic addresses to a room full of chefs in Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan province.

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