Perspectives and Social Action

5 February 2024

Written by Anoushka K, Year 13

In January 2024, Year 13 started to work closely with Oxford Mutual Aid, a local organisation which aims to confront food poverty in our city by supporting those in need with a variety of food packages.

At Oxford High School, we are privileged enough to have easy access to meals on an everyday basis, which we often take for granted. Our school now plays a crucial role in helping Oxford Mutual Aid, as in our Perspectives lessons on Thursdays, we are now cooking and packaging meals – starting with macaroni cheese! With the help of the caterers, Thomas Franks, groups of three produce over 20 portions, which are then collected by Oxford Mutual Aid and distributed within Oxford’s wider community.

Throughout this process, we have felt incredibly fortunate for the opportunity, reminding us of our privilege. Although we have enjoyed all aspects of this experience, the interactive nature of cooking meals and collaborating with the rest of our year have been the best parts. This has allowed us to actively help those in need while creating a shared purpose within our year.

We have been able to learn more about the strenuous work that smaller organisations, such as Oxford Mutual Aid, put in to better our community and are so grateful to be partnering with them regularly. Together, we hope to continue this experience for years to come within our curriculum, allowing the younger years to gain the same knowledge and enjoy the same experiences as us and creating a long-term relationship with Oxford Mutual Aid.

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