Back in May, Oxford High welcomed nearly 200 women to celebrate our 140th birthday. What was striking to everyone there was that, despite our rich diversity of career paths and lives, there was a unifying strength and energy in the room. OHS alumnae really do change the world. And they drive for change – from Eva Loeffler pioneering the importance of the Paralympic Movement and volunteering, to Gemma Mortensen, Chief Global Officer of We would like to leave a legacy of that gathering of feisty, sparky women to create a new focus on mentoring. We believe that women can benefit from mentors (and being a mentor) throughout their working life and especially in those crucial life stages of their first job, when pondering the merit of a complete mid-career change or when returning to work after a career break. We also think that our Sixth Form would relish the opportunity to understand now how to make the most of work-based mentoring later in life.

We are calling out to you, our amazing OHS alumnae, to contact us if you would be interested in supporting our push for mentoring or to come in to OHS to speak about how mentoring has helped you – please do contact us on or if you are interested in any way. Ad Lucem!