There are four houses in the Senior School at OHS. These are Ares, Athena, Poseidon and Zeus. Each girl and each member of staff belongs to a house, which are ably led by Sixth Form House Leaders.

Each house has a different colour, and a girl’s membership of a house is subtly indicated by the colour and cover of her school planner (diary). At any major house event, however, the loyalty is less subtle! Vibrant t-shirts, tights and face-painting will leave you in no doubt that strong house allegiances exist, along with a healthy dose of competition! Our house system is a crucial way of strengthening relationships across different age groups and we also use vertical groups based on houses for some of our PSHCE lessons.

Each term, there is tough competition for the much sought-after House Cup. House points are awarded each time a girl receives a gold, blue or green slip. These slips are signed by the Head, and form part of our reward system for achievement. Gold is for achievement in school work, Blue is for commitment and service to the community, and Green is for the environment. In addition, house competitions such as House Choir, House Drama and Sports Day allow opportunities for more points to be earned, in addition to a lot of fun to be had!


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