Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Prep

28 January 2020

On Friday 24th January, Oxford High Prep School celebrated Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, with children giving a performance to the school and parents. Preparations began back in September with performers rehearsing songs, dances, instruments and their Chinese language skills. 

Hosted by girls from Year 6, the celebration began with the traditional Lion Dance! Most children were captivated by the playfulness of the dance although a few were a little unsure.  This was followed by a visit from the God of Wealth who, with the help of his two panda helpers, distributed red envelopes containing a little treat.

We were then entertained by several different performances showcasing Chinese culture – the order of events is below together with a selection of photos.  More photos can be accessed by parents via Firefly.


Hosted by Year 6 Laura, Libby, Iris, Isabella P.
God of Wealth and Panda Helpers Parent accompanied by Kate and Sophia S.
Chinese Choir – x2 songs/dances“Kung Hei Fat Choi” and “Lucky Cat” Eileen, Ivy, Sophie W., Lucy, Sheena
Traditional Chinese solo dance Chelsea
Gu Zheng traditional Chinese instrument performance Yiwen
Chinese club singing and dancing “Chinese Taste” Y5: Sophie W., Yingying, Lisa, Maia, Nyo, Ella,


Y6: Phoebe, Bella, Chole, Beverly, Ida, Becky, Lucy, Isobel, Saijayani, Ella, Sophie

Chopsticks Game Teachers and parents
Chinese Cat Walk Teachers
Chinese Club Dance

“China Kungfu” with Kungfu fans

Juwayriyya, Chole, Stella, Emily, Cherrie, Minnie, Alice, Imogen, Giorgia, Amara, Margaux, Scarlett, Luella, Linzi, Coco, Aisha, Kate, Sophia S., Sophia T., Sheena, Aneesa, Lucia, Charlotte B., Alina, Isabella J., Taisia, Clara, Mia, Amelia, Sophia W.
Whole Year 5 song with musical accompaniment – “I Am Sorry My Chinese Is Not Good” Year 5 accompanied by Isla, Amelia, Bianca, Mia
Parent Dance – “Lift Your Veil” Year 4 and Year 5 parents

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