Languages at Oxford High

11 March 2016

Languages are a core element of the Oxford High curriculum. All girls can study both modern and classical languages throughout their time at OHS and all are expected to study at least one language at GCSE, with many girls choosing to study two or more. The breadth of the Languages Programme is a specialism of Oxford High School. Girls can choose from French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian and all are available at both GCSE and A Level, mostly taught by native speakers.

All girls in Year 7 will learn Mandarin, Latin and French and in Year 8 they continue with Latin and study two modern foreign languages of their choice. From Year 9, Greek becomes an option for study alongside the seven other languages on offer.

At Oxford High Junior School, girls in Reception will enjoy a taste of Mandarin and an introduction to Chinese culture which is quickly followed by starting French in Year 2. As they progress through to Year 5, the Languages Programme is further enhanced by the introduction of Latin alongside Mandarin and French with all language classes led by specialist teachers.


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