Head’s Awards

8 February 2024

We seek to develop the whole child, ensuring student successes inside and outside the classroom are celebrated. Head’s Awards are given for exceptional performance in any academic, pastoral or co-curricular area and are awarded in a celebration assembly at the end of each half term. 

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

Rachel W (Year 12) entered the Oxford University Senior Tier 4 badminton tournament on Saturday 16 December 2023.  She won a gold medal in Women’s Singles, and a silver medal in Women’s Doubles with her partner Maya from Middlesex. This was Rachel’s first competition since taking a break over GCSEs.

Sophie W (Year 9) has enjoyed some outstanding results in badminton, including:

Kent U15 Silver 2023 / Gold medal in Girl single;

Kent U15 Silver 2023 / Gold medal in Girl double;

SBA U17 Bronze May / Silver medal in Girl double;

Wiltshire U15 Bronze / Gold medal in Girl single;

The DKWay Northamptonshire U17 Bronze / Silver medal in Girl double;

Sophie also received a GLL Sport Foundation Award in 2023.

Emilia N (Year 9) has auditioned successfully to join the National Youth Concert Band. This is one of the country’s leading ensembles for young players of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. She will be participating in their residential courses, playing with some of the best young musicians in the country.

Edie B (Year 9), Costanza D (Year 10), Mathilda K (Year 11), Sofia M (Year 9) and Simran S (Year 9) all receive a Head’s Award as they took the initiative to step in at the last minute to cover absence and provide tech support for the whole school events at the end of last term, ensuring that they ran smoothly.

Yumna Z (Year 11) for a confident and excellently articulated speech for the GDST Chrystall Carter Public Speaking Prize. Yumna spoke on the topic, ‘Can we escape the mistakes of the past?’ and answered questions effectively.

Cassie O (Year 9) Outstanding performance out of school in touch rugby. Cassie plays wing and midfield for the Oxford Devils, an adult competitive side, and she is beginning coaching at Oxford Touch Juniors this coming term. She also plays for the Wildcats (the regional team for the whole of the south west), and last summer competed in the Nationals with the Wildcats Women’s U14s and did brilliantly well.

Margaux I (Year 8) Margaux competed as a member of the OHS Equestrian Team at the NSEA Regional Championships, winning the U16 80cm Show jumping category, placing 1st out of 40 competitors and qualifying for the National Championships.

Gabriela P (Year 13), Teresa L (Year 12) and Chelsea S (Year 10) each achieved a distinction in their ARSM Diploma on the Flute, Violin and Piano, respectively. Gabi gained full marks. The exams involved a 30-minute recital of difficult music in a wide range of styles, at a professional level of performance.  These are high accolades and recognise the exceptional talent of these three students. Well done.

Tashika A (Year 11) and Dora C (Year 11) receive a Head’s award for achieving a Certificate of Merit in the first round of the British Mathematics Olympiad.

Aarya C (Year 12) achieved the highest mark in the world for Cambridge IGCSE foreign language Spanish.

Head’s Awards are given to the students who gave a superb presentation at the Extended Research Project Celebration, and to Serena K (Year 13) for introducing the speakers and confidently managing the Q&A slots.  Rosalind A (Year 13), Olivia C (Year 13), Maddie D (Year 13), Sophia E (Year 13), Tilly H (Year 13), Erin J (Year 13), Ahyoung K (Year 13), Man Hei Evelyn L (Year 13), Flora M (Year 13), Alex N (Year 13), Gabriela P (Year 13,) Anjali R (Year 13), Trisha T (Year 13), Iphigenie T (Year 13), Francesca U (Year 13), Haley W (Year 13).

Mysha B (Year 12) competed at the British Dressage competition at Arena UK where she won the FEI FreeStyle Junior class and was placed 6th in the FEI Junior Individual class.

Yolanda C (Year 10) achieved an outstanding result in the UK Chemistry Olympiad, with 51/82. This is all the more impressive given the content is aimed at challenging late A Level students and Yolanda taught herself the required skills.

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