Chinese New Year

7 February 2024

We celebrated the Chinese New Year throughout school this week, starting with an interesting assembly, with some special guests, and a delightful feast provided by our catering team. 

Dragon Dance

We learned the history and traditions of Chinese New Year in an assembly organised by our students. 

The highlight was undoubtedly the mesmerising traditional dragon dance. The rhythmic beat of drums, the vibrant colours of the dragon and the intricate choreography captivated the entire school community. This symbolic dance, believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, left everyone in awe and created an exciting atmosphere that resonated throughout the school.

Year 7 students engaged in a workshop with the talented performers behind the dragon dance. This hands-on experience allowed them to learn about the cultural significance of the dance, its history and the skills required to execute such a captivating performance. The workshop not only fostered a deeper appreciation for Chinese traditions but also encouraged students to embrace diversity and different forms of artistic expression.

Swire Partnership

As part of the celebrations, we hosted the Swire Chinese Language Center partnership schools, which brought together High Schools from across Oxfordshire to participate in enriching activities. Over 200 students from Bartholomew, John Mason, Cheney and Fizharry’s High School descended upon OHS to take part in calligraphy, Tai chi, traditional Chinese knotting and more! 

The Swire Chinese Language Foundation aims to promote the teaching of Chinese in British state schools by supporting teachers to make this part of their curriculum. The foundation is based upon the importance of cultural education, quality teaching and effective resources.  

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