Zootopia – the latest from our Academic Scholars

28 January 2019

OWLS (Oxford and Wimbledon Leading Scholarship) is a collaboration between two sister GDST schools for our Sixth Form Academic Scholarship holders.

The OWLS project enables Sixth Form girls from both Oxford High and Wimbledon High to meet face to face, to collaborate online, to discuss, debate and write articles both within individual subject areas and in a cross disciplinary way. The resulting work is published in the OWLS Quarterly journal. The 2018-19 OWLS group of Sixth Form Academic Award-holders met for the first time in September at ZSL London Zoo to consider the nature of zoos and animals and our relationship with them. The collaborative writing in this edition of OWLS Quarterly pulls together their thoughts as they peered into cages and pondered the place of animal captivity in a modern world.

Click here to read the latest OWLS Quarterly – the The Journal of the Academic Scholars of Oxford and Wimbledon High Schools – Zootopia OWLS Jan.docx

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