The OWLS project (Oxford and Wimbledon Leading Scholars) is a collaborative academic investigation and writing initiative between the Sixth Form Academic Scholarship and Exhibition holders of Oxford High School and Wimbledon High School. OWLS enables Sixth Form girls from both schools to meet face to face, to collaborate online, to discuss, debate and write articles both in a cross disciplinary way. The resulting work is published in the OWLS Quarterly journal. The initial edition took inspiration from real birds of prey, and used our Classicists’ translation of Dio Chrysostom’s Greek fable ‘The Owl and the other Birds’ as a starting point. Charles Foster, Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford and author of ‘Being a Beast’ wrote the introduction.

Click here to read the latest OWLS Quarterly – January 2019 – Zootopia OWLS Jan.docx

Click here to read the Summer 2018 OWLS Quarterly – OWLS Quarterly – Second Edition June 2018

Click here to read the February 2018 Owls Quarterly – OWLS Quarterly-First Edition, February 2018



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