Year 5 PGL 2017

18 May 2017

Year 5 enjoyed an exciting residential trip recently. A diary of events and more photos can be found on our school Firefly system but here’s a snap shot with some comments from the girls….

Tuesday – Dorms sorted, girls settled.  Firewood collected for the campfire, where they sang and got to know their groupies (PGL leaders).

‘My bags seemed to weigh as much as three elephants!’

‘Our groupies taught us wonderful songs from all over the world’

Wednesday – Canoeing, raft building, abseiling and quad biking were just some of the activities experienced by the girls today.

‘Carefully, we climbed into the slightly wet canoe.  We held our paddles anxiously and started to move’

‘My heart began to pound a little bit…….step by step…..closer and closer I finally got to the ground’

‘Our raft was a bit unstable but we managed to paddle around the island without crashing into anything’

Thursday – Teamwork prevailed in the sensory trail and challenge course and more activities like the giant swing.  The disco awaits.

‘The amazing giant swing…..harnesses and helmets on we were ready to go…..Woossshh, the swing soared like a bird’

‘we squirmed through the twisty tunnels like worms’

Friday – last day for the happy but exhausted Year 5 girls.  Their support for one another and enthusiasm to try new things is inspiring.  Well done girls!

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