Year 4 visit Wittenham Clumps

29 March 2017

Year 4 managed to dodge the showers and enjoyed an adventurous trip to the Earth Trust at Wittenham Clumps. They built their own shelters in the woods drawing on collaborative ideas and team work in an effort to make them cosy and waterproof. They also learned to light fires using flint, hay and twigs. Running up and down the Clumps was an exciting facet of their experience as was the view over the broad expanse of Oxfordshire from the top.

The day allowed the girls to experience some techniques for surviving in the wild and they came back happy but exhausted.

WEB Yr4 whittenham clumps (1)1 WEB Yr4 whittenham clumps (1)4 WEB Yr4 whittenham clumps (1)3


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