Y10 Company Performance: Headstrong

12 May 2021

Earlier this week, our wonderful Y10 Company delivered an exceptional live performance of April de Angelis’s Headstrong in front of their fellow Year 10s, OHS staff, and family members.

Set in 1830, the play follows the lives and fortunes of Lila and Rose, thrown together as young mistress and servant, and how each faces the constraints placed upon them by society. With initial auditions and readings taking place during GHL, those involved adapted brilliantly with the transformation from online to live and worked tirelessly to put on a thought-provoking and powerful performance.

From Vicky, Wardrobe Club:

‘I really enjoyed helping in the production of Headstrong. I think it was very good that we were able to put on a performance during covid times, as it was a chance to finally see everyone again and to be able to have a creative outlet. As this play was set in a specific time period, the costumes were challenging to create but we had a lot of fun doing it.’

From Iphigenie, composer for ‘Headstrong’ and member of the cast:

‘I offered to compose the music of the Year 10 Play, Headstrong. To capture its mood and ambiance, I studied key themes (escape, forbidden love) and based my lyrics off these. After several drafts, I worked on melodies and harmonies. I wanted to write a mysterious and ethereal chorus, with a more bouncy and catchy verse. When the song was finished, we rehearsed for several weeks. It was hard work, but it paid off when we performed my song ‘When Your Eyes Meet Mine’ on stage, in scattered moments throughout the play. Thank you to Mr Pelling for giving me this opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.’

From Emily, who played Rose:

‘We started with auditions that took place over Google Meet under lockdown. Once I was given my character, I was able to pull them apart and consider her personality and emotions. There were challenges like learning lines but it paid off as it was amazing to see the show coming together around the last few rehearsals. Before the actual performance I was super nervous that I would mess up but when I stepped onto the stage I just felt excitement.’

A huge well done to the cast and creatives: Emily R, Xinmeng, Grace, Emily M, Sara, Tia, Toddy, Charlotte, Mary, Francesca, Isabelle, Mari, Jessica, Iphigenie, Apsara, Sophia, Teagan, Emma, Vicki, Clara, and Rebecca. Also, our thanks go to our fantastic Drama Department for organising the performance.

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