What’s Next For Team Astronyx?

11 June 2020

The Conrad Challenge is an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurship competition that encourages young adults to participate in designing the future.

With its requiring creativity and critical thinking, it was just the thing to pique the interest of Sophia, Annabelle, Ellie, Olivia, and Lucy, who came together to form Team Astronyx.

Their pitch, a design for a sleeping module for astronauts that prevents muscle atrophy and vision impairment whilst they sleep, was so impressive that it won both the Power Pitch (Aerospace & Aviation) and Social Media awards. Huge congratulations to Team Astronyx for this incredible achievement.

We are delighted to share that the girls were also interviewed live on Radio Oxford on Thursday 11th June at 3.40pm. The interview consisted of a live Q&A with journalist, Lottie Garton. They discussed their inspiration and process behind the project, as well as their pride at winning the awards.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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