What Is Your Favourite Dance Style?

20 November 2022

Written by Eleonora, Year 8

There are many different styles in the world of dance and most people tend to have their favourite ones. The most popular styles are Hip Hop, Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz and Lyrical. Some are more static and upbeat; others are smooth and slow.

I asked some people what their favourite dance styles were and here is what they said. Someone said their favourite styles were Hip Hop and Commercial because they found it fun and energetic. “The movements are sharp, and it looks really cool.” I agree with this, what do you think?

Many others liked Hip Hop, too and I believe it’s a great way to make friends and have fun at a club (school or outside – whichever you prefer).

Other people also agreed with them but were more focused on Commercial. They also said they found it fun and high energy. “You can sometimes make it a mix of styles and add your own flair!”

But some people have other favourite styles, one person loved Lyrical. They said it was a great way to show your emotions which is always best when you can’t find words to do so. “It is also a great way to show your flexibility and be sentimental with it.”

If anyone is interested in taking up dance, there is a dance club after school for group lessons with dancer Gary Lewin. For Year 7-9, it is on Fridays until 5:30pm and for upper school students, it is on Thursdays finishing at the same time. If weekdays are not possible, Mr Lewin has a dance school called Stepping Stones Performing Arts.

So, your job today is to think about your favourite dance style. Would you like to turn it into a hobby?


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