What do our Art students think?

4 May 2015

“Through Art, I have learnt how to experiment with different styles and take risks with my pieces. It’s taught me how to work to a brief, and adapt to different situations. It’s hugely rewarding to look through my sketchbook and see the progression of ideas, and how you can get from such a general topic to a final piece, using other artists’ work and first-hand sources. It gives you a new perspective, and begin to see the structure and form and colour in the most ordinary of things. I’m so glad I did Art for GCSE – it’s time-consuming, yes, and it’s definitely not a ‘soft’ subject, but it is incredibly satisfying and so much fun!”

“Nietzsche wrote: ‘Freedom appears only in creation. Our only happiness consists in creating. Our salvation does not lie in knowing but in creating.’, ‘As a creator you transcend yourself.’
“Art is a truly inspiring subject with an infinite number of possibilities which allow you to express yourself in a wide range of ways. In some ways this subject is very free, an exception to the other subjects we study at school. Art does not consist of learning facts and dates, but of learning more about yourself and exploring the ideas within you. Art is a form of expression. It opens you up – expressing not only your likes and dislikes, but your emotion, your desires, your feelings, your fears, your views”.

“This subject teaches you to be specific in what you are trying to investigate and re-create. It allows you to open up your mind and understand. It makes you recognise artists’ techniques, and the symbolism behind their work, as well as learning about them and discovering their beliefs/religion/background/culture. This helps with many other subjects, such as history, RS etc. Art can never have one answer. It itself is infinite. You need to be able to realise your intentions and know that you have achieved them and that you have pushed your ideas and yourself to the best of your capabilities (and further).”

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