The Careers Programme focuses on girls developing their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence by a process of discovery. In Year 7, girls use their imaginations to project into the future and to discuss what makes a career a career. In Year 8 girls explore their strengths by using the Buzz Test to discover more about themselves and about professions available to them.

Year 9 girls discover more about their values and about role models by getting stuck into our own Getting Ready for your Working Lives programme, which includes a day at work with a relative or family friend. We also work with Bright Green Enterprise who run an entrepreneurial day with a focus on creating a product that would be of practical use in the developing world.

‘I thought today was really useful and I think was a good taster for real life and managing problems’ Saffron, Year 9

‘Really helped me with public speaking and also raised my awareness of environmental issues’ Kate, Year 9

‘Really exciting and relevant to us!’ Rowan, Year 9

Bright Green Enterprise Day for Year Nine


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