The Tangent

20 January 2023

Written by Emma, Year 12

This year, I have had the opportunity to be the editor of The Tangent. This is the student-run STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) magazine with editions biannually. In the upcoming issue, there are articles ranging from the principles of flight to the vascularisation of tumours, and how this can help target them, by limiting the formation of new blood vessels. There is an article on how the human body regulates itself, adapting to the day in a constantly repeating cycle but also how much of a threat working the night shift can be on this cycle, leading to all manner of undesirable consequences. 

My role in the project has been not only to write an article of my own but also to coordinate the other articles which will be featured. Having identified those who would be kind enough to write an article, I set them to work. The scope for the articles was very broad, welcoming any STEM-related content. Once all articles had been completed, they were sent to teachers whose subjects overlapped with the areas of research. Following this, any necessary changes were made before all articles were sent to Dr Regardsoe, who oversaw the magazine. After this, the articles were formatted into a magazine layout. The magazine will be released both as a paper copy (by request only) and digital version in February 2023, allowing everyone to enjoy it. 

This project has been an excellent opportunity for me. Not only have I broadened my knowledge on areas of science that interest me, but I have also learnt about multiple other areas which I would have never otherwise delved into. I am particularly interested in Chemistry and Biology, hence I rarely have a chance to research Physics or Engineering. As a result of the excellently written articles in The Tangent, I have been able to widen my knowledge in these areas, Equally, I hope this magazine will have the same benefits, for other readers. 

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in The Tangent. In particular, the sixth form writers who, despite the already heavy workload, have given up their time to contribute to the magazine. I would especially like to thank Tehya (Year 12) who has helped me to organise the magazine, as well as writing a fantastic article herself. I would also like to thank Miss Steer, Miss Barbour and Dr Regardsoe. They have kindly given up their time, without their help, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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