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20 January 2023

I’m writing this to you, having just returned from presentations from Sixth Formers who are preparing their pitches for the Conrad Challenge. Designed for young entrepreneurs and innovators, this is a challenge which dares students to find solutions to the world’s problems whether it’s mental health, space debris or sustainability in travel. All the presentations, I was lucky enough to see, demonstrated extraordinary levels of research, originality and creativity. We are in safe hands.

I am so mindful that as a school we allow our student voices to be unleashed. However, there are so many young women in other countries who do not have the opportunities we have. Professor Brookshaw’s talk outlining the pleas of poets and songwriters from Iran, brought tears to the eyes of those who were in the room. A timely reminder that we must do all we can to amplify their struggles and use our power for good. Today, Victoria Prentis MP, talked to our students about the importance of participation in public life, and this newsletter demonstrates the huge variety of ways that our students give back, both to our local and global community. That unashamedly feminist courage that our school was founded on, the ability to see the world not as it is, but as it could be, is thriving at the ‘High’. I hope you enjoy reading the tales of adventure within.

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Ad Lucem,

Marina Gardiner Legge

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