The Abstract

26 April 2021

Are you a budding artist on the hunt for an informational and reliable magazine about the art industry? Or perhaps you simply want some inspiration for your own artwork? Then look no further than The Abstract.

Led by Sixth Formers Olivia J (S7) and Mika T (S3), The Abstract is an art editorial that aims to spread inspiration and encourage creativity in students, especially those who don’t do Art as a subject. Together with their fantastic team of designers and writers, it is filled to the brim with artist recommendations, commentaries, and of course, our students’ own artwork! Created by the students for the students, The Abstract encompasses the artistic interests of the student body with particular focus on areas that do not get as much attention in school, such as illustration, graphics, and out-of-school artwork.

We spoke to Olivia to find out more:

“A lot of younger students love illustration, so The Abstract aims to further their interests in the field and potentially expand the number of students interested in pursuing an artistic future!

As a Sixth Form Art Scholar, I was planning on running an illustration club open to the younger years, but given COVID, a newsletter sounded much more feasible to do! I was keen on making an illustration-centred editorial since it’s so prevalent in the art scene these days. Things like graphic design and illustration are embedded in our everyday life and therefore, are highly accessible forms of art that anyone can appreciate, no matter the age or artistic ability.

We’ve started to plan for each future edition to have a different theme – each issue would go into more detail about topics such as TV, fashion, and book illustration. These are broad ideas so far, but we will start working on the next edition soon. We would love to feature more student artwork and expand the editorial team to be open to all years as well.”

You can read their debut issue below:

The Abstract

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