Swimming Superstar

15 March 2021

A massive congratulations to Delphine (Year 13) who has qualified for the 2021 British Swimming Championships and Olympic trials. This means that Delphine is now among the top 24 swimmers in the country!

Despite the demanding and hectic nature of life as a final year A-Level student, Delphine has powered on with her passion for swimming and will now be presenting herself on the national (and – fingers crossed! – international) stage.

Coming from a family of avid swimmers, Delphine first stepped into the waters with the City of Oxford Swimming Club when she was only 6 1/2 years old and has represented COSC ever since.

“I have had to train for 21+ hours a week in the water and on land to achieve this, and with the help of an amazing team of coaches headed by Amanda Booth (who has coached a multitude of swimmers on to international teams, with a number of them being selected for Worlds and Olympics), I have been able to reach a higher standard of swimming than I ever thought possible.”

Some of Delphine’s greatest accomplishments have been competing in the British and English Summer Championships and being selected for the National Podium Pathway.

“The thing that I love most about swimming is that it has allowed me to develop life skills like organisation and commitment. It has also given me the opportunity to meet so many new and different people and connect over a common interest.”

What a phenomenal achievement, Delphine! The whole school community is very proud of you and wishes you the best of luck. We’ll be sure to tune in and cheer for you!

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