British Science Week

12 March 2021

This week, we celebrated British Science Week! Promoted by the British Science Association, the ten-day annual event celebrates all sciences and their importance in our everyday lives. This year’s theme is ‘Innovate for the Future’.

Year 7s commenced the week with a very creative and entertaining presentation about the major advances in science in Monday’s assembly. There were skits of Pythagoras helping OHS students with a Maths test, Alfred Nobel’s discovery of dynamite, and stop motions about space travel and the discovery of the flushing system.

Within the walls of the Science Department, there was a real bustle and mixture of activity – some were carrying out an array of experiments, from intensely colourful flame tests to the meticulous dissection of an eye, while others tuned in to an inspiring talk from the CEO of The Guardian, Annette Thomas, about her career in science and business.

Yesterday, we were warmly joined by Consultant Obstetrician and Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr Brenda Kelly, as part of our STEM Seminars series. Dr Kelly is the founder of the Oxford Rose Clinic, a specialist service for women and girls who have suffered female genital mutilation. A passionate advocate for women’s reproductive rights and health & medical ethics, Dr Kelly shared her stirring experiences with FGM patients and why she is dedicated to this field in medicine.

Thank you Rachel (S2) and Alice (S7) for organising this very insightful talk.

Make sure to check the British Science Week Google Classroom, too. The Science Department have shared many resources and links for everyone to use – from home experiments (fancy making your own hot ice?) to the nationwide Shell Bright Ideas Challenge and BSW Poster Competition, there is so much to get involved with!

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