Some Spare Time?

27 January 2016

The girls at Oxford High School are so enthusiastic about design and manufacture that even when they’re not doing any GCSE or A-level courses, they still want to design and make things. When Miranda N. was in Year 12 she decided to make a chair for her desk at home. She had not taken D&T for A-level, so came back for 30 minutes a week, every week for two years, until her chair was complete.  The chair is made from solid walnut and beech with interesting little details such as the contrasting wooden plugs attaching the backrest to the frame. The entire chair was handmade with all of the finger joints on the rails being cut with a small Japanese saw, piercing saw and chisel to a perfect fit. The finished chair is wonderful and clearly demonstrates the high level of creativity, craftsmanship and finish that can be achieved when you have a real love for learning.

Come and see for yourself

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