Year 10, 12 and 13 Classicists attended the Festival of Lost Cities for the Iris Project this week, hosted by Cheney School. This is a celebration of the great ancient cities, and areas of the school were themed on ancient sites. All visitors were given a passport to be stamped for visiting the different regions, and to follow an artefact treasure trails across the site. There were also live music and drama performances plus gladiator displays from Re-enactment organisation Comitatus. The highlight of the event were a series of talks from authors and experts:

“Exploring Invisible Rome” Michael Scott, broadcaster, presenter and author of From Democrat to Kings and Delphi and Olympia

“Honour Among Thebes” Natalie Haynes, broadcaster, presenter and author of The Ancient Guide to Modern Life and Amber Fury

“Ancient Beekeeping” Martha Kearney, broadcaster and presenter

“The Greatest Cities on Earth” Bettany Hughes, broadcaster, presenter and author of The Hemlock Cup and Helen of Troy

A fantastic event!