Sending Postcards To Alumnae

29 June 2020

During the lockdown, we decided to reach out to our alumnae family by sending special postcards. 

The pandemic has been hard for everyone, with many of us feeling lonely and missing human contact. So we thought now was a particularly important time for us to connect with members of our alumnae family.

We asked girls from across Years 8 and 9 to write a postcard to an alumna to share what they’ve been up to during lockdown, how they’ve adapted to Guided Home Learning, and most importantly to ask the recipient how they’ve been getting on. For an added personal touch, we were delighted to use artwork from one of our girls who created the piece with watercolours illustrating the changes in the OHS uniform over time.

We are delighted to confirm that we are now in the process of sending out over 280 postcards.

We very much hope our alumnae enjoy receiving the postcards as much as we enjoyed making them!

“It has been interesting to see how OHS has adapted to lockdown and how we have kept learning! Although we can’t see each other in the classroom, we have been doing Google Meets with our teachers. We have been doing some fun projects, for example in Science we have been doing projects on our gardens; in Textiles we have been printing leaves and designing dresses! Our headteacher, Dr. Stringer, even recorded herself doing an assembly and often includes the Minerva statue (which you may remember) and the ducks and ducklings in the pond! Today we had an afternoon off curriculum, with the theme of ‘Keep Learning’ so I baked some fruit scones and tried out some knitting!” – Emma (Year 8)

“Oxford High School has changed a lot since you set foot to learn inside the school. The marbles court got a whole new makeover in 2016 which gave it a nice and fresh look. When we were able to go to school there was a lot of positivity which was spread around the school. Last academic year a GDST alumna came in and painted a mural on one of the walls in the marbles court to represent everyone coming together and just generally spread a very positive message. In lockdown school continues to spread positivity by using these sessions called ‘Hit The Wall’. This is where we have a afternoon off to try out new things. I hope you are staying safe. Thank you for reading!” – Rhiannon (Year 9)


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