Science Technician of the Year

19 July 2016

Kay Bell, our Senior Science Technician here at Oxford High Senior School has won the prestigious Gratnells Science Technician of the Year Award.

As Dr Paul Weeks, OHS Head of Biology describes ” ..Kay’s enthusiasm for her work is shown by the energy and zest she brings to new ideas and school clubs. She helps organise and run both the Junior Ecology Club and Year 10 Biotechnology Club, neither of which would be possible without her help. She also gives up her Saturday mornings to help with the school’s SHINE project and provides vital assistance to the school’s outreach programme. Kay is constantly enterprising and full of ideas and suggestions for how to improve the Science Department, from advising on the design of a new laboratory to how her space in her prep room could be more efficiently used. When someone has their own idea for a new practical (e.g. observing respiration in locusts) she doesn’t wait to be asked – she immediately sources and orders the necessary material (the locusts arrived within the week). It is impossible to imagine the department without her. From my perspective, as Head of Biology, I could not have driven through the revolution in practical work at our school (with over 100 new practical protocols introduced in the last seven years) without Kay’s unfailing help, advice and support.”

Well done Kay – we are all hugely proud of you!

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