3 May 2015

Biology is the subject of the 21st Century. At no other stage in history have we seen human knowledge advance so quickly. The pace of discovery is dizzying, with over a million publications in the scientific journals ever year, but at OHS we aim to include the most exciting and relevant Biological advances in our teaching. It has never been a better time to be a Biologist.

Working with some of the brightest students in the country brings unique challenges. It’s not enough to tell them things – the structure of DNA, for example – they need to work it out for themselves, cutting out cardboard nucleotides and shuffling them around until they can form a coherent model, just as Watson and Crick did.

Scientists are not passive recipients of notes. They are active thinkers, puzzling out ways to explain the observable universe. Indeed, if you come into one of our Biology lessons, chances are the teacher will be inconspicuous, merely a guide and facilitator as the girls engage in the most enjoyable, satisfying and effective form of education – learning by doing.

Come and see for yourself

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