Saving the Environment… in Russian

11 February 2021

It is always a pleasure to hear what our girls have been doing during their Guided Home Learning lessons, whether exploring a new scientific process in Biology, assessing contrasting source material in History or, in the case of our Year 11 Russianists, practising their speaking skills in a discussion all about saving the environment.

Led by our Head of Russian, Mrs Solovyova, the discussion was the perfect platform for the girls to share original ideas with one other whilst working on their Russian linguistic skills. Ideas included:

  • Introducing discounts to encourage more people to use public transport (Annie and Freya)
  • Planting more trees (Megan and Lexi)
  • Closing large factories and making better use of local produce (Lottie, Nuala and Tia).
  • Offering cheaper bus tickets (Cin and Georgia)
  • Giving more money to green charities and supporting businesses that focus on eco-friendly produce (Cin and Georgia)
  • Providing households with free recycling boxes and imposing the use of solar panels in large enterprises (Lucy, Leah and Helena)

Communicating such complex ideas entirely in Russian is truly remarkable. Well done girls!

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