Psychology Events

4 May 2015

At OHS we hold events for our students and invite external speakers to share their expertise knowledge in their field of Psychology with our students.

Our Y12 students often visit the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. This provides our A-Level students planning to take Psychology at University with a chance to experience a real research setting, the research laboratory and gives them an opportunity take part in a study of their perception of time! Our girls really enjoy their time at the department and have also attended an MSc Poster Presentation where students present the findings of their highly interesting research projects. We are delighted to offer them this exciting opportunity to learn about research at post graduate level, as well as to meet the supervisors of the MSc students, who are all eminent researchers themselves.

Each year, our Year 12 Psychology students visit the Brain Network Dynamics Unit. The open day is designed specifically for A-Level students where they attend talks on the use of animals in medical research, computer simulation and brain simulation, as well as neural aspects of memory. They are also given a fabulous opportunity to attend a practical session into synaptic plasticity in the brain, the brain in Parkinson’s disease and a human brain stimulation demonstration. We usually finish the lovely day with lunch in the park in (hopefully!) the beautiful spring weather.

The Psychology students also enjoy a day in Warwick at the Power of the Mind Conference, attending fascinating key note speakers in the areas of the Science of Laughter, and the Psychology of Cognitive Neuroscience and Anxiety disorders. One year, the girls were delighted to listen to Dr Sam Wass from the University of Cambridge (who is famous for his contribution to ‘The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds’) exploring the Development of Attention. The day usually finishes with the students exploring the impact of Dancing on the Brain as we all get up on our feet and dance together with Dr Peter Lovatt!


Come and see for yourself

We are always happy to welcome you for a visit to our school, so that you can see for yourself how our girls learn, flourish and excel. Check for the next open morning or get in touch.

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