Overcoming Lockdown

29 June 2020

Written by Emma (Year 8)

As most people have discovered, lock-down has posed many challenges for us, but has also meant that we have been taking notice of the small things around us.

I really appreciate what the nation is doing at these challenging times, meaning that although this may have been tough, what we are doing is protecting our country. The hardest part is being away from normal life; going out with friends, seeing family, playing sport.

However, lock-down means that I have been taking more time to think and take notice. I have had more time for my family, meaning that the small things such as having dinner or going on a walk together have been more manageable, therefore I have had time to strengthen my bonds with all my family.

Since I can’t do all the sport I would usually participate in at this time, I have been going for runs, walks and bike rides, and done many work-outs. I am very fortunate at this time to be living in the countryside.

Before lock-down,  I would often be too tired to take in all the beautiful nature around, but now I love going for walks and seeing the trees, flowers and animals, or watching a sunset or looking at the stars in the night sky.  Now that more sports facilities have begun to open, I have joined a tennis club, and have been playing with friends and family at least once very week!

Lock-down has also brought out the creative side in me, and I have loved baking different things, such as bread, tarts, cakes and cookies, and I have tried out doing different pastries, such as choux pastry and shortcrust pastry. Other creative activities has included candle-making, knitting and with my family we tried out bubble painting, which as well as being messy was very fun!

Many of my lessons have transferred online, such as my ballet and flute lessons, and of course my school lessons! Although online school will never be the same as meeting up in a classroom together, learning at home has really taught me not just technical skills, but the skill of independent learning.

I have discovered that there is so much you can learn from home and so many things you can do! Altogether, I think that although lock-down has often been a struggle at times, we have all learnt a variety of different skills and lessons from it, and it has meant that we have been able to observe so many special things around us, from the birdsong which became so much more prominent without the droning traffic, to having the time to have a family meal together.

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