OHS success at GDST Digital Leaders Conference

27 January 2016

Girls from both our Junior and Senior school travelled to London to take part in the second GDST Digital Leaders’ Conference which was attended by nearly 200 girls from schools across the GDST network. Their task was to compete in devising a campaign to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. This could be an event, a website, a competition or a new product for which they will devise a marketing strategy. It was no surprise to us here when the OHS team, led by Anoushka, Celina and Joana (Y10), Elizabeth (Y9) and Amelie, Anoushka, Jessica and Shanti (Y5) showcased their ‘Girls in Lights’ programming BBC Microbits  to create strings of programmable multi-coloured LEDs which would be ‘wearable tech’.

Emma Mulqueeny, CEO of Elbi Digital, founder of Rewired and Young Rewired State and a member of the Government’s Commission on Digital Democracy spoke at the event saying“Women are still massively under-represented in the technology sector but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Events like the GDST’s Digital Leaders’ Conference encourage girls to think about the opportunities and challenges they will face when they enter the job market. These students are the trailblazers of the future and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

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