Lecture about Napoleon`s 100 Days influence on French theatre and songs in 1815.


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Once again, the French Department had the pleasure to welcome Dr Kate Astbury and Dr Katherine Hambridge from Warwick University who kindly organised a brilliant Lecture about the 100 Days come back of Napoleon in 1815 and its impact on French Theatre and popular songs of the period. We had the privilege of listening to Dr Hambridge `s lovely voice as she was singing some of these popular songs whilst accompanying herself on the piano and in the end pupils and teachers joined in in the singing. The session ended with some Year 12 and 13 pupils having a hand at playing a Vaudeville play of the period with one of them playing the part of Napoleon himself in full dress!

We learnt that there were many versions of the Marseillaise, all with different words depending on the mood of the day and were shown very clever prints with the profiles of Napoleon and his wife hidden in a bouquet of Violette which became the emblematic flower for Napoleon. Unfortunately, it all ended in St Helena, alas…