Kindness at OHS

19 November 2021

This week, students throughout the school have been contributing to our ‘kindness at OHS’ wall, adding colourful post-it notes to the display in the Crush Hall with their personal pledges of kindness.

We’re lucky to be part of a community which values this quality so highly and is committed to making the world a kinder, happier place. A variety of pledges were made and added to the wall, and we’re delighted to share a small selection of them with you:

  • ‘I’m going to compliment my friends’
  • ‘I will say good morning to everyone’
  • ‘I will eat lunch with someone who is alone and wants a friend’
  • ‘I will help someone who is lost’
  • ‘I will help a friend revise for a test that is coming up’
  • ‘I pledge to tidy up the house so that my mum can have a rest’
  • ‘If someone looks sad or unhappy, I’ll smile or do something kind to make them feel better’
  • ‘I will buy a cookie for someone’
  • ‘I will make sure everyone is included’
  • ‘I will make dinner when my parents are working’
  • ‘I will visit my friend at Badminton Club to cheer her on’
  • ‘I will pair up with someone else in PE’
  • ‘I pledge to keep my fish tank clean and feed them every night’

Well done to all of our students for truly embodying this important quality so wholeheartedly!


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