14 October 2016

This term saw the introduction of our new co-curricular programme Kaleidoscope for Years 7 to 11. Kaleidoscope is designed to help our girls develop transferable skills to use in all their subjects but also in life beyond school. The skillset includes team work, leadership, resilience, risk taking, problem solving, deep questioning and learning, cultural appreciation and exploring different points of view, positive sense of self and an understanding of global issues. With a weekly schedule of lectures, workshops, seminars, and visits, the programme covers four areas. Academic: extension activities created by subject leaders to inspire a love of learning and develop higher order thinking skills.
Cultural: educational visits to museums, galleries, places, and events, to enrich understanding of cultural heritage. Wellbeing: extended PSHCE sessions; a focus on physical and mental health; additional sporting opportunities including inter-house tournaments, dance and fitness. Wider world: explore key political, social and environmental issues and look to the future so the girls can have a positive impact both in and outside of their working lives

A sample of the diversity of activities that the girls are doing is below. Year 7 have been tackling some creative writing inspired by the weird and wonderful objects of the Pitt Rivers and writing stories that Lewis Carroll ‘forgot’ to include in Alice in Wonderland. Year 8 have been spending time at the Pitt Rivers and Year 10 thoroughly loved pushing themselves in strength and endurance training with the Oxfordshire Rugby Development Team. A glimpse into Term Week Seven’s Kaleidoscope afternoon shows you the diversity of subjects our girls are exploring: Probability Games, Physical Computing, The fight against infectious diseases, Myths and Storytelling, Key Questions in Philosophy, Poverty and Inequality, Psychology & the world,  plus Nanotechnology.

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