‘Just Two Metres’ Performance

11 November 2020

For the devising module of A-Level Drama and Theatre, four of our Year 13 students chose to focus on the stories of NHS hospital workers struggling to cope with COVID-19.

The girls researched their ideas during lockdown and started working on interpreting the script. The performance, called ‘Just Two Metres’, beautifully captured the challenges of the virus through a combination of speech, music, movement, lighting and PowerPoint. Inspired by the theatre company Frantic Assembly, the students delivered emotive speeches against pulsing red lights and over the beats of drum and bass.

One member of the audience said the piece ‘made me think on the people, rather than the statistics’ and another commented that ‘the individual stories told by each student were excellent’.

Well done to Klaudia, Jean, Olivia and Tessa on your performances.

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