Inside the Ada Benson Building 1: Health and Wellbeing

13 February 2020

With each passing day, the interior of the Ada Benson Building draws closer to its final state. Some areas are more finished than others at this point – one of which is the wonderful new Health and Wellbeing Centre. Earlier this week, school nurse Lucy Mullins was kind enough to show us around her new home. 

Mrs Mullins is delighted with the new home that she shares with Mrs Gilbert and the school counsellors. She also has some ideas about how to fill those pristine expanses of white wall, so that the quiet room and wellbeing centre will become a positive space that students can come to when they have a free moment and need some time and space just to be, as opposed to a place they go only when they’re feeling poorly! A bluetooth speaker and some nice art might be in the offing, methinks…

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