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12 July 2023

“In summer, the song sings itself.” William Carlos Williams.

What fun the last few weeks have been! We’ve been dazzled by the numbers of activities in which everyone has been involved. Firstly on the stage with the joy of ‘Matilda’ and the effervescence of the production. So many of our visitors found it akin to a West End stage production but with Oxford High school spark, which was just so energising. That was echoed in the Year 6 production where Cinderella met Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of a missing glass slipper. Memorable moments included the princess who declared that she would never marry as well as a myriad of fish puns which I know we all greatly enjoyed. Sports Days both for the Prep and the Senior School were elevated this year with invitations to parents and the art exhibitions, the concerts are all still to come.

All are united in celebrating the unique essences of our students whether it’s rising to the challenge of being on stage, on the pitches, in the pool or in the classroom, they are absolutely at the heart of everything we do. Last Wednesday an alumna, Financier, CEO and Founder of a Financial Consultancy called ‘Blonde Money’ spoke to our Year 13 pupils and their parents of the joy of steering your own ship, of how important it is to know that your boat is seaworthy, that it has a strong hull because with that foundation, whatever the weather, you will be able to meet the (inevitable) winds and waves with confidence. That confidence in oneself, in one’s own unique gift is absolutely central to the our experience for your daughters. Whether it’s in a fleet or on their own they will be able to rise to the challenges ahead of them armed with the tools and strategies that they have learnt here and face their future lives with strength and resolve. It was lovely to hear, that evening, of the testimonies of students and their parents of how the school had done exactly that; thank you so much for your generosity and appreciation. It means a huge amount to all of us.

Finally a heartfelt thank you to all in our community who unite to support our students whether it’s our kind and collaborative staff or our parents who are so appreciative of the changes they see in their children. And to you, our wider community, friends, neighbours, alumnae and Governors, thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to the OHS cause and please come back rested and energised ready to do it all again next year. To those leaving us we wish you safe travels; you leave us with a ‘you’ shaped hole that we will never replace, but as institutions do, we will continue. I will be writing in August with next term’s news and staffing but for the next few weeks please take the time to rest, recuperate and, of course, read. Jeanette Winterson talked in the Ada Benson Lecture of the importance of the ‘dreaming life.’ Whatever you are doing this summer, please make time to dream…

Ad Lucem,

Mrs Gardiner Legge

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