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3 March 2023

Written by Serena, Head Girl

This week it’s Empathy Week at OHS , which has started with countless emails from students entitled ‘We are bad at socialising’ as they tried to find out who in the school had a matching raffle ticket to theirs.

Despite the claim from some people about the lack of social skills, something I love about this school is the fact that, we are quite good at socialising. Last week I found myself having a very interesting conversation with a Year 11 student about the implications of the war in Iraq, whilst another Sixth Former was conversing with a Year 8 in Politics club about Thatcherism. At Oxford High School, all the students and teachers interact on an equal level, which is one of the things that makes our school unique!

The New Year brought several events which enabled us to invite those from outside the school onsite to join us. During the first half term we were graced with the Sixth Form Music Concert, where students and parents were able to hear from a variety of talents including a beautiful Russian Ballad – might I add, from an A-level Russian student and not a fluent speaker. We also were able to enjoy the flute, cello and even a piece composed by one of our students. 

Last half term, the annual Careers and Higher Education evening returned as a face-to-face event for the first time since before Covid, with over 300 people in attendance. The end of last half term was Wellbeing week. This brought with it a buzzing atmosphere in the Crush Hall and Atrium, as uplifting music was played every morning.

We have also had the opportunity to participate in the many new House events taking place, some very silly, bringing a smile to people’s faces like House-Hungry Hippos, where students were placed on skateboards and tasked to collect as many inflatable balls as possible, while some were more serious, such as, House University Challenge. This is where student’s general knowledge was put to the test.

This term we can look forward to House Bake Off, as well as the chance to design the new planner covers. It is clear by the number of diverse House events that the school places an importance on inclusivity and the participation of everyone, so make sure you get involved with the many events being offered! 

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